Saturday, August 6, 2011

Progress Report - Critter and Layout

The past few days I have been able to get some work done on the scratch-built Diesel critter I'm creating as motive power for the Blackwater & Mosquito Creek Lumber Co. 'Swamp Logger' On30 modular layout. I'm not a blue-ribbon craftsman when it comes to exacting standards...I just build 'em 'til they look good! That's why working in the realm of a fictional Louisiana backwater narrow gauge logging operation in 1/4-inch scale is so fun. With my modern-day HO-scale Big Island & Pacific Railroad Hawaii-based layout, the need to be "within certain realism standards" is desired. ( But with this new venture in On30, the main desire is to have fun, be creative and try new stuff.

The loco is beginning to take shape as I cut, trim and sand the styrene sheets to form the superstructure I'm placing atop an Atlas HO scale Alco S-1 chassis equipped with a DCC decoder and soon to have sound as well.

The first actual On30 module has been the object of a lot of thinking lately and I plan to do a bit more construction on the layout section this afternoon and then begin to get my chops back in hand-laying track! Before the rails go down, I'll need to order a few more track laying tools to help keep everything in gauge... but it's going to be fun! And that's the main point of all this!

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